Have you always wanted to have a regular massage, but never were organised enough? We now make this much easier and more attractive for your by offering monthly subscriptions:

Terms and Conditions for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are handled by Moonclerk. While I believe they are a very professional setup and trusted, I need to emphasise that I do not get access to your card details at any time, and it is entirely their responsibility to get that process right.

When you pay your subscription fee, you have six weeks to use that credit. After that, it expires and no refunds can be given.

You can cancel your subscription at any time - there is a cancellation link in your subscription confirmation email. Please note that I cannot offer refunds for any treatments you have not taken. As above, you have six weeks after payment to have your session, irrespective of the cancellation.

Our subscriptions are managed by Moonclerk who accept debit cards and VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

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The basic package.

Pay £4.95 to get 5% off all our clinic services.


The full package.

Pay £45 per month and get a 45 minute massage from one of our massage therapists (excludes clinic director) and get 10% off all our clinic services.


The premium package.

Pay £85 per month and get a 60 minute massage from our clinic director or two 45 minute massages from any of our regular massage therapists and get 10% off all our clinic services.



Other benefits

In addition, you will get the following benefits from our friends. These are all subject to availability and may be discontinued at any time. However, we will also add more benefits in the coming months.

10% off at London City Runner

This small running shop is no big discounter. The people who work here know what they are talking about. If you need something that is not in stock, they can order it for you. You get professional advice at the right price. As a mittelmaier clinic subscriber, you get 10% off regardless of the package you subscribe to.

Self defence classes at 10% off

Ben Green has been teaching self defence to women and men for well over a decade. No experience or fitness level required. Have a look at his website and get 10% off his one-to-one coaching for the duration of your subscription, only available for FULL and PREMIUM levels.

Contact Ben at 07921 864 291 or email him at

Train with James Larkin at £75 instead of £85

You want the best? You are prepared to spend a bit extra and go out of your way to grab one of the few slots available? Train with James Larkin who has over twenty years of experience - check out his website here. Available to subscribers at FULL and PREMIUM levels.

Contact James at 07904 507 651 or email him at

Huge saving for St.Paul's Health and Fitness Club

The Grange at St.Paul's is a typical five star hotel gym in that it is small, clean, superbly run and quite expensive. It's regular rate is £125, but as a PREMIUM level subscriber, you only pay £75.

Contact Karolina at 020 7074 1010 or email her at

Single session fees

Single session fees

clinic director other massage therapists
15 min. £30 15 min. £25
30 min. £50 30 min. £35
45 min. £70 45 min. £50
60 min. £95 60 min. £60
75 min. £120 75 min. £80
90 min. £135    90 min. £95
physiotherapy and osteopathy sports and dance therapy
30 min. £60 30 min. £40
60 min. £75 60 min. £70