Buy a pin to support our favourite charity Music Fund

You can buy a pin here to support our favourite charity Music Fund. They are lovely, but really cheap pins - mere tokens of our gratitude.

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Music Fund pins

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Clients and friends who have bought a pin (or two) and volunteered to have their names listed (don't worry, you have to explicitly tell me to list you here):

- Tonoko Hoggard
- Victoria Cooney
- Mariana Zegianini
- Elisabeth Parker
- Simon Parker
- Wolfgang Mittelmaier
- Niri Shan
- Ben Green
- Verity Brown

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support Music Fund with one of these pins

Thank you to everybody for a wonderful 15th anniversary party!

The mittelmaier clinic turned 15 years old this year and we had a wonderful party at LEON Ludgate Circus.

100% of the profits from the event and the sales of the "I love Music Fund" pins goes to Music Fund. While we have been doing well, we still are a few pins short of our target, so please don't hesitate to buy one :)

Laurens Price-Nowak plays cello at our party

Laurens Price-Nowak plays selections from Bach's cello suites at our party.

Music Fund - a charity that brings music instruments to conflict zones

The world is complicated. For most major problems, there are no easy solutions. Consequences of well intended actions can often be disastrous.

Music Fund's idea is simple: Those in need, those suffering from conflict, once their basic needs of sustenance and safety are at least temporarily addressed can find solace and can grow in and through music, but often do not have the means to acquire instruments or the knowledge to keep them in playable shape.

Have a look at their website to learn more.

the charity Music Fund in action

Music Fund also trains local people to repair instruments.