Cyber Monday: 15% off packs of 5 for director massages

The whole world offers discounts on “Cyber Monday”, so I did not want you to miss out regarding massages with us:

Do you think you would feel less tense, be more relaxed, feel better,
if you had more massages?

You could take out a monthly subscriptionwith us, which saves you 10%. Or you could quickly decide (offer ends 8pm tonight) to save even more by pre-paying a pack of 5 treatments.

For a few hours today, I am offering a 15% discount on a pack of five massages with myself.

This is a whole 5% less than the 10% discount you get with our monthly subscriptions.

By such a block right here with your debit or credit card – the credit is valid until end of March 2020.

Buy a pack of five director massages at 15% off. 

This offer expires at 8pm on Monday, 2nd December 2019.

5x 30 minutes

5x 45 minutes

5x 60 minutes

5x 90 minutes