Sports Massage: What is it and what are its benefits?

The first thing to say about sports massage is that you do not need to do any sports to benefit from it. It simply describes a set of massage techniques that focus more on how your body works, rather than to only give you a general massage.

It aims to restore your body to better functionality, remove tension that you may have built up simply by sitting at the desk rather than running, or lifting weights.

Sports and remedial massage is a deep tissue massage technique. However, rather than only giving you a general deep tissue massage, our masseurs who are trained in sports and remedial massage will look at where your tension is and what kind of problems it may contribute to. It is a much more focused treatment than general deep tissue massage and has many potential benefits that go far beyond a general massage:

Its primary aim is to restore full functionality to muscles and other soft tissues. This can simply mean easing the tension that has built up in your shoulders over long hours in the office or restoring maximum performance to an overtrained muscle-group of an athlete.

The treatment will sometimes be complemented by exercise instructions, like recommendations for certain stretches that benefit your personal habits, be they sports-based or not.

Sports massage is a very varied and sophisticated treatment that can help treat soft tissue injuries, maintain a healthy body and prevent injury.