How to survivce Christmas. Nutritionally.

by Lorca Tomy

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat! Between office parties, family gatherings and parties with your friends, weight gain is inevitable if you do not have healthy eating strategies.

photo of Christmas bauble

A study looking at the effects of the holiday season on weight gain found that body fat percentage - which accounts for abdominal fat - increased significantly, and this type of fat is associated with obesity and chronic diseases such as Diabetes.

Why not make this year the year you don’t ask for a larger belt in your stocking:

  • Aim to maintain your weight during the season, don't go for weight loss!
  • Avoid going hungry to parties - if you do, you are more likely to overeat
  • Limit portions - use an entrée plate instead of a dinner plate, try foods you rarely make yourself, don't load on everything
Party foods to enjoy
  • Hummus and a variety of vegetables to dip
  • Fruits with yoghurt
  • Sandwiches
  • Sushi
  • Have some cake, but skip the cream/ice cream and limit portion size

photo of nuts

Yes, go nuts!

Nuts are the perfect example that good things come in small packages.

These bite-size nutritional powerhouses are packed with fats that are great for your heart, as well as protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • Almonds are high in vitamin E and magnesium. A quarter cup of whole almonds has nearly the amount of calcium as a quarter cup of milk.
  • Walnuts are high in omega 3 fatty acids and peanuts are high in folate.
  • The unsaturated fat in cashews is oleic acid, which is the same fat that's in heart-healthy olive oil.
  • Brazil nuts are great for men because they are high in selenium, which may protect against prostate cancer.

But as always, just don't overdo it!

Foods to limit
  • Creamy dips
  • Sausage rolls, pastries
  • Crisps
  • Sweets, candies

photo of cocktails

Alcohol and plenty of water
  • Yes, if you love it, have it! ... in moderation
  • Drink those high calorie Christmas beverages such as eggnog and mulled wine in moderation, AND balance with lots of water
  • Have spirits such as gin with tonic instead of beer

Have a merry Christmas!

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