One-to-one stretching workshops

Are there muscles you don't know how to stretch well? Do you find stretching boring? Somehow not as effective as it should be?

We believe that stretching can be, well, let's be honest, not necessarily fun, but certainly satisfying. A good deep stretch done well leaves you with a feeling of achievement. And a good stretch is never really painful.

At the mittelmaier clinic, our physiotherapist and our sports and dance therapist offer one-to-one classes to look at the stretches you are already doing, and to potentially add some that you are not aware of yet.

Sadly, it is only a small minority of clients who stretch enough. These people have fantastic results, and, yes, they do not need as many massages to look after themselves well. Why not join them?

You can book one-to-one stretching sessions online as if they were full-hour physiotherapy or sports therapy appointments.

Stretch before or after exercise?

Over the last two decades, scientific research suggests that stretching after exercise is much more effective than before.

You should still warm up before exercise, though.

photo of tight neck

How long should each stretch last?

There is a wide difference of opinion regarding this topic, and sensible recommendations go from as little as 20 seconds to 40 or 50 seconds to even several minutes in some cases.

It is worthwhile to know that while you are unlikely to do serious damage by spending a lot of time on one stretch, you can easily overstretch a muscle by simply pulling too hard.