Confusion day discount

Brexit or not? Parliament, PM, the Queen, Sajid Javid? Who will lead the country where?

Well, whatever happens, we are going nowhere, we are staying on Fleet Street offering quality deep tissue massages to sort out stressed backs, necks, legs.

For 24 hours, I am offering a 15% discount on a pack of five full-hour massages with myself.

This is a whole 5% less than the 10% discount you get with our monthly subscriptions.

By such a block right here with your debit or credit card – the credit is valid for six months, you can book these whenever you like, as long as you use them up by 5th March 2020.

Buy a pack of 5x 60 minute director massages at 15% off.

Offer expires 11am, Thursday, 4th September 2019